From ground level it’s easy to think that we’re the centre of the universe.

With every thought, action or in-action determining the fate the universe.

And when we think like this, it’s easy to latch on to any negative thoughts that occupy our minds.

For some reason, the brain is good at latching onto the bad.

It’s kind of like a learning mechanism.

Survival instinct if you wish.

It’s allowed us to adapt. To evolve. To become the dominant species on the planet. (Be that for the good of the planet, who am I to decide).

Thing is, negative thought patterns can be so destructive. Not just mentally, but they can also set us on a destructive physical path. Drugs, alcohol and poor eating habits all stem from the mind.

If we were truly happy with who we were then we wouldn’t be so negative or destructive to our body, mind and soul.

Problem is, a lot of the negativity swimming around in our minds comes from what we think others will say about us.

We let what we think others will say control us. Stop us from becoming the person that we want to be.

Well I say f*ck that. Other people’s negative opinions are just words and noise coming out of their mouths.

Words that are designed to hold you back. Words designed to keep you from progressing.

At the end of the day, positive people don’t put you down. Don’t pull you back. They support you. They encourage you. And they lend a helping hand when you get stuck.

Surround yourself with people like the latter not the former.

I started this article by saying that from ground level it’s easy to think we’re the centre of the universe.

But when we zoom out, we can see that we’re all just a part of the bigger picture.

Try to think of thoughts and feelings as part of the bigger picture that is you.

Try to develop a positive outlook on life. To look for the good in all things. To look for positive experiences and grow as a person.

Sure, negativity will find its way into your thoughts.

But don’t hold onto them.

Don’t feed them and don’t let them become the dominant pattern in your life.

Simply grasp that thought.

Ask how it got there.

Do something about it.

Let it go.

And move on.

With practice you’ll get better at it.

You got this.