Fear Is A Liar

Change......It's often a scary and daunting process for many.Which is understandable, because we are creatures of habit.Habits form when we repeatedly do things without thinking.It's our default setting.Unfortunately some of

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transformation reality

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations One of the roles of a fitness or nutrition coach is to help clients set realistic and achievable goals. And any coach worth his salt will be open and honest

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snack track

Don’t Get Caught In The Snack Trap

Don't Get Caught In The Snack Trap Snacking, high frequency eating and eating at a certain time are all either habitual, psychological or the “invention” of the diet industry. Nobody snacked pre-World

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A Little Perspective

A Little Perspective Perspective Something that’s sometimes lost when embarking on a fitter, healthier lifestyle. And it’s easy to see how when all the magazines, TV adverts and supplement companies are offering false

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barnstaple personal trainer

Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Confessions Of A Personal Trainer Forgive me body for I have sinned. So, I just munched down a family bag of chilli tortilla chips and a flapjack. Nothing wrong there you might think. But

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Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans Today, I was supposed to be heading to beautiful North Wales for a long weekend on my motorcycle with some friends for what, for me at least, has

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