When it comes to health, fitness and weight loss a lot of people make negative comments about themselves, especially when they compare themselves to other people who have 'done it'

Comments such as "I haven't got the will power as Mary has" or "it's ok for Mary, she's (insert excuse)" or "I'm just not as focussed as Mary.

Thing is, it's not that Mary is any better than you, or that Mary has some secret pot of determination, or that Mary has more determination, will power or what ever you think Mary has.

Focus, will power and determination only comes from knowing exactly what you want!!

And knowing exactly what you want comes from within. It comes from asking yourself what it is you want to achieve from your health, fitness and weight loss program.

It's very easy to say I'd like to lose 10lb or be a size 10, but most people never question why they have thrown those figures in the air.
It's just a number and numbers never ever carry with them a true feeling of satisfaction.

Why do you want to lose 10lb?

How will you feel when you lose 10lb?
What kind of clothes will you wear when you have lost that 10lb?
How will those clothes make you feel?
How will your hair be when you have lost 10lb?
How will you talk, how will you behave?

These are all questions that may seem irrelevant at the outset but they are all ones that need answering and understanding if you are ever going to reach and above all maintain you weight loss.

Ultimately, if you're not prepared to dig deep and get to the real reason why you are embarking on a 'diet' then you'll often hear yourself making excuses that somehow "Mary" is better than you and that she has some mystical secret to weight loss.

You have the secret and you have the answers, they're just locked up inside you.

You just have to be willing to turn the key

You got this.