If You've Tried And Failed In The Past, It's Not Your Fault!

Look. I'm going to get straight to the point, because you've been lied to for long enough.


Well at least not in the traditional sense. A period of time where you drastically cut calories or eliminate food groups altogether in the short term hope of losing some weight.

Sure, if you want to lose weight you have to burn off more calories than you eat, but what tends to happen is that people restrict their diet far too aggressively which results in constant feelings of hunger, low energy levels, poor mood and constant cravings for your favourite foods that the diet industry has told you is bad, evil or a sin.

All this leads to the inevitable binge, the feelings of guilt or failure and the inevitable weight rebound as you return to eating the way you always have.

This may have happened to you in the past.

But I'm here to tell you that it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

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The Diet Industry Has Sold You A Lie

Think about it...

The diet industry is big business. For instance, in 2019, the diet industry made 72 billion dollars in the USA alone. Seventy two freaking billion dollars!!

With those kind of numbers, why would they want you succeed on your weight loss journey? The simple truth is that they don't want you to succeed. In fact, they hope you fail so that they can sell you another diet, another promise and another glimpse of hope.

Because that's how they keep the money rolling in.

How About You And I Put A Stop To All This?

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Look, weight loss doesn't have to be complicated, it doesn't have to result in cutting out your favourite foods and it definitely doesn't have to result in near starvation or killing yourself in the gym for hours on end to get results.

Smart nutritional principles, that allow you to eat your favourite foods, coupled with a regular exercise program and accountability are the keys to long term and lasting weight loss.

Unfortunately that doesn't grab the headlines that we are used to seeing in the popular press.

If You're Fed Up Of All The BS Then This Might Be For You.

If you're fed up with all the BS that the diet industry is selling and you finally want to take charge of your health and lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle then you just might be interested in my 14 Day Fitness Reboot Program.

I've designed the Fitness Reboot to get your started on your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle and you can sign up for FREE at the link below.

Now if thats got the alarm bells ringing and you think there may be some kind of catch or this is a scam, let me tell you a little about myself and why I'm giving you access to this program for free.

My name is Marc Kent and fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I'm a super proud dad of two and a former Royal Marines Commando with over a decade of experience helping thousands of people just like you to take charge of their health and fitness and transform their bodies through my online and in person coaching programs.

I've co-authored an international best selling fitness book on Amazon, been interviewed on the radio, featured in magazines and voted the best personal trainer in the world by my kids.

So Why Is It Free?

With hundreds, if not thousands of fitness options out there, how do you know who to trust, which works and which is a scam?

You don't, but by letting you take part in the Fitness Reboot program you get to see how my programs work, learn some new workouts and gain some knowledge about healthy nutrition, and maybe, just maybe you might be interested in joining one of my paid programs in the future. 

If you don't, then at the end of the 14 days you can walk away, no hard feelings and no hard sell. But hopefully at the end of the program you will have picked up some tips on how to get your body back on track.

Now, before this turns into War and Peace, here's a brief outline of what you get on the 14 Day Fitness Reboot.

This Is What You Get When You Join Reboot


Good, if not great nutrition is the pillar upon which every amazing transformation is built. But great nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. This is why I've tried to keep the nutrition plan as super simple as possible during this program.

Look, if I'm honest, which I always will be, I'm not a massive fan of "meal plans", because if you don't like the foods I've set out for you to eat then you'll turn your nose up and bail on the program before you've even started.

So, my job as a coach is to give you the tools and empower you to build your own healthy meal plan, because that way you're more likely to "own it" and be "invested" in the process. That way you will be better equipped to maintain the momentum once the 10 day Fitness Reboot is over.

However, hopefully without sounding like I'm contradicting myself, I do provide you with an example meal plan and a selection of recipes to get you started.


I've created two levels of training plan for you in the 14 day Fitness Reboot. Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced. All the workouts in the plans are zero equipment, body weight only exercises. 

I've tried to keep the workouts down to 20 minutes or less so that they don't take up too much time out of your day. That way you're more likely to do the workouts. And if you're doing them then you're going to see positive change to your fitness levels.

All the workouts have video demonstrations of the exercises and I tell you how long to do each exercise for to make things as simple as possible. You'll be able to view the program through the app or the members area of the website.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Members Only-Community

During the 14 day Fitness Reboot, you’ll gain access to my private Facebook group. There you’ll find an incredibly tight-knit community of others on the same journey as you. As a community, we support each other, share progress, and offer advice. I’m there checking in with you daily to make sure you have everything you need to be successful on your fitness journey.


During the Fitness Reboot you will receive your workouts, nutrition, recipes and coaching through the Mobile App. You'll be able to keep on track of everything with all the information to hand on your mobile device.

The App is available on iTunes and Google Play stores.

In closing.

My time and energy is precious to me and to keep the quality of coaching as high as possible, I'll be limiting the numbers of people that I take through the Fitness Reboot program. If you're serious about getting your fitness back on track then click on the link ==>>

14 Day Fitness Reboot

What People Are Saying About The Reboot

I'm not going to make any outrageous claims on how much weight you will lose or the kind of results that you can expect on the 14 Day Fitness Reboot Program because there are far too many variables to factor in and the reality is it all depends on you.

But, here are a selection of testimonials from previous graduates of my Fitness Reboot.


I read all of the information that Marc sent through and it all seemed to make good sense to me, I have yo-yo dieted for years and never been able to see anything through or stick to a plan. I get bored easily and love my food, but this plan made total sense. It’s not a diet plan as such but a reprogramming of your mind-set to one that just wants to make better choices.

Everything he tells you works. Stick to it. Have faith in the process. Have faith in the nutrition and the  work-outs and the mind-set will come. He knows what he’s talking about and he will hold your hand like he’s held mine and countless other people’s.

Elaine. Leicestershire, UK

Marc is a fabulous online coach. His workouts are straightforward and easy to follow. He provides really tasty recipes and always explains what changes are happening to our bodies along the way.

Whether you want to lose weight or just tone your flabby bits up a little I'd recommend Marc... simply because I've seen the results that my 49 year old self and many, many other have achieved with his tuition.

Leanne. Cheshire, UK

The guidance provided on the group was amazing and everything set out so I knew exactly what I was doing, and the support from Marc was fantastic would answer answer questions or concerns along with others taking part.

The nutrition information that was provided of the do and donts was clearly set and easy to follow and once I got into the swing of it became second nature.

The videos of the exercises provided was clear and easy to follow.

The daily exercise plan that was set was a challenge but fun at the same time.

If you put the work in and follow the plan and guidelines given by Marc you will achieve the results.

Jo. Devon, UK

After following Marc's 10 Day Fitness Reboot and continuing with the principles Marc has shared, I've lost 10lbs / 6cm in 22 days.

The app is user friendly and helpful.

The Fitness Reboot is easy to implement, even within a busy schedule, the exercises are fun and the communication, help, support and interaction from Marc and the private Facebook group has been motivational helping me keep on track.
It's about learning to use the information and tools Marc provides to create healthy habits to continue your journey.
Looking forward to the 12 week program.

Thank you Marc

Nicole. Devon, UK

I would 100% recommend Marc and his fitness programmes. After completing the 10 day fitness reboot, I have to admit, I’m surprised I’ve enjoyed this reboot as much as I have. I feel like something has just switched in my mind which is just insane. Normally when I diet I just crave the worst foods but I haven’t at all. If anything I can’t stop thinking about things like cucumber (which I have NEVER liked!!!), mackerel (that I haven’t eaten in years and years) and seeds. Basically, all the good stuff! 

Food choices aren’t always perfect but I have finally accepted it’s a learning curve and a journey. Marc’s given me the tools and the knowledge but it’s nice to know that I am the one in the driving seat- it makes it easier to make wiser choices knowing nothing is off limits but being equipped with the knowledge to make more informed choices. 

Thank you so much for this programme, Marc!! 

It feels so easy and I truly believe it can be lifelong. I love the fact the workouts are so short, snappy and simple. My life is hectic and stressful but I can see this working for me. For the first time ever I am going into something knowing it is for the long haul and not a quick fix. I didn’t know 10 days could change my mindset in such a drastic way when the programme isn’t drastic in the slightest. 

Can’t wait to see what the 12 week programme holds for me

Jessica, Devon, UK

So with the 10 days up I have weighed and measured this morning and lost another 2lb so that’s 11lbs overall. 

I have also lost 6cm off my waist and 4cm off my hips. 

So pleased with my results and I can’t thank Marc Kent enough for giving me the kickstart I needed 😁💪🏼

I look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle and seeing results. 

Thank you everyone for input and support on the Facebook page it has been a massive help and good luck on your weight loss/muscle building journeys 🥰 xx

Frequently Asked Questions

The Results...

Look, it would be ethically wrong to say that you're going to drop 20lb, transform your body and look like a fitness model at the end of this 14 day program. Because I'd be lying if I did, and you'd never trust me or my advice again.

I've designed this 14 day Fitness Reboot to help you to get back on track if you've lost your fitness mojo. Or even get you started on the road to a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

You will get fitter, and you will probably lose some weight in the process. 

But like anything, you'll only get out of this program, as with anything in life, what you put into it.

Half arsed effort, results in less than amazing results.

Give the 10 days your best shot and you'll be on your way to a much healthier and hopefully happier you.

The Nutrition Plan...

I'm a fussy eater. I don't like veg. I can't stick to a diet. Will I like the foods?

All things I've heard over and over again from prospective clients. But lets cut to the chase. If your current nutrition plan isn't working for you, then you need to change something. Or you'll just stay the same.

Obvious right?

I'm not a massive fan of some vegetables, but the fact is, they're good for you. So I find ways to incorporate them into my diet. Blending spinach and avocado into my post workout smoothies. Chopping celery into my chilli. Adding cauliflower to mash. There's always a way.

As you get fitter and healthier, your taste buds will change. And as my daughter Evie says "how do you know you wont like it if you don't even try?"

I wonder where she gets that from 🙂

The Workouts...

I'm new to exercise. I can't do press ups. I hate burpees. Wait, what is a burpee? Which program do I choose?

There are two levels of workouts available in the 14 day Fitness Reboot. All zero equipment, all body weight only exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home. Just select the level of workout appropriate for your current level of fitness.

The "app"

Once you've downloaded the app, you will be able to access the program program. You'll also be able to track your results. The app is available to download for apple and android mobile devices. If you're one of the few who doesn't have a mobile device, then don't worry. I got you. Cuz you can access the program through the members only section of my website. 

So you have no excuses.

Why Is It Free?

As my six year old son Isaac said to me "It's in your nature to help people" - true story

My daughter Evie once said "You're a good man and you're good at helping people with their fitness" - another true story.

If those weren't reasons enough... 

Look, there are hundreds if not 1000's of fitness plans out there, how do you know which work and which wont? My offering you this 14 day Fitness Reboot for free is just my way of inviting you into my fitness world so that you can see how my programs work and then maybe, just maybe, in the future you might be interested in one of my paid for coaching programs.

Can't be more upfront than that.


© Marc Kent Fitness 

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