I’m sorry but what a crock of sh*t.

Taxing people solves nothing.

The Government tax the crap out of petrol, cigarettes and alcohol but still people pay.

If the Government wants to tackle the Obesity crisis then it starts with education not with taxing Bars Bars and prescribing fruit and veg.

Educate the people so that they know they can eat a cake, biscuit or chocolate bar with feeling frigging guilty as long as they know it must fit within their daily and weekly calorie budget.

Educate the people so that they know what their calorie intake should be in a daily and weekly basis.

Educate the people so that they know that going for a 30 minute walk 3-7 days is going to burn calories and help them to reduce their waistline.

Educate the people to know that they do not need gym memberships in the beginning, but having a coach or someone to mentor them can help them to make more progress than they may do on their own. Especially in the beginning when it’s the hardest.

Educate the people to know that fad diets are just BS created to slim down your wallet and not your waistline.

Tax the BS diet scammers.

Yes, cooking classes can help but don’t we have enough cooking shows on Tee frikkin Vee?

Again the Obesity crisis isn’t going to be solved by taxing sugary foods and prescribing apples and broccoli. Imagine standing in the queue with your prescription in hand for a bag of apples.

Again, the Government are not going to fix this with their short sighted solutions. 

But, at the end of the day, it’s our responsibility as adults to look after our own health and if needed look to fitness professionals to help us find the answers to the question you might have.

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