Unlike other online programmes, as a member of MK FITNESS, you’ll receive a training programme which is 100% customised to YOU.

The plan is designed to suit your individual goals, current levels of fitness & training experience, and we’ll even build it to fit around your work/life schedule.

My instructions are clear - I’ll tell you how many reps & sets to do, how much recovery to take, and how heavy to lift. You’ll also get a video demonstration of every single exercise to make things as simple as possible.

 Finally, your plan updates each month. This stops you getting bored whilst ensuring that you keep making progress. You’ll stay motivated and engaged as you build your dream body and enjoy crazy results!


As a member of MK FITNESS, you’ll enjoy delicious food every day with your own unique meal plan. Just like with the training programme, your meal plan is built specifically for YOU, your schedule and your caloric needs.

Tell me your dislikes, allergies, dietary requirements and goals and I’ll make sure your personal meal plan meets your needs exactly.

I want your programme to be as enjoyable as possible, so you'll get a 7-day meal plan with a huge number of different meals. This gives you different options to make sure there is plenty of variety from day to day. 

As you progress and your body changes, so will your caloric needs. Your plan will update monthly to ensure you enjoy delicious foods whilst still moving towards your fitness goals.

Finally, you’ll get a simple shopping list making things quick and easy - all you have to do is trust the process and let the diet do its thing!

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Members Only-Community

As a member, you’ll gain access to my private Facebook group. There you’ll find an incredibly tight-knit community of others on the same journey as you. As a community, we support each other, share progress, and offer advice. I’m there checking in with you daily to make sure you have everything you need to be successful on your fitness journey.


 Members receive their programs on a Mobile App, so you can take your personalised meal plans and training programmes with you to both the supermarket and the gym!

Available on iTunes and Google Play stores.


Finally, you won’t be doing this alone! I'm here to help and support you every step of the way. So if you have any queries or questions about the program, just drop me and email and I'll be there to support you and guide you in any way you need to be successful. 

Testimonials From Previous Clients

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Rebecca Owens, Huntington Beach, CA

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Jessica Mulberry, Miami, FL

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