Life is an adventure, but....

We’re born into this world and everything is new, exciting, an adventure.

That first step we take, that first taste of something new, while may be a little daunting for the “adults” in our life.

But as children we are fearless.

Always stepping outside our comfort zone.

Always falling, but picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves down, and maybe getting the adult in our life to give us a reassuring hug while they stick a band aid on our cuts and bruises.

But, we get up up.

We give it another go.

Maybe a little more hesitant than the first time.

But WE DO.

Because everything is new, exciting and to be discovered at that age.


As we get older I think we often get far too serious and we forget that we were once children whose sole purpose in life is to have fun.

Yes we have to grow up and get jobs so we can put a roof over our heads and food on the table but it doesn't mean we have to stop having fun, going on adventures or doing things you wouldn't normally do and getting out of your comfort zone.

So when was the last time you went on adventure?

When was the last time you laughed and had lots of fun?

When was the last time you let your inner child free and had a bit of fun?

If it's been a while then I why not book that trip you have been putting off, or go to that comedy club that your friends have been asking you too.

Or did something that made you feel 'alive'

When we feel good inside we make better decisions about almost everything that affects our life. We chose better food; we choose better things to drink. We also sleep better and our mood improves.

When our mood improves we stop stressing about everything and our body’s hormones start to balance out and weight loss isn't such a battle.

Laughter really is the food for the soul. So go ahead have some fun.

I dare ya 🙂


PS. You got this