It's All Just Bridges

It’s all just bridges...
... and it got me thinking...

Why do we build bridges?

And when you strip it back, the answer is so obvious that it makes the question kinda seem stupid.

(But, there are no stupid questions).

Ultimately, we build bridges because of a want or a need.

Wanting to create a short cut for a journey.

Wanting to connect islands to the mainland.

Wanting to connect communities.

Needing to make the crossing of hazards such as rivers and gorges easier and less treacherous.

And sometimes, we build bridges just to see what’s on the other side.

And in a way, it’s kinda what “lockdown” is for us.

Now, at this point you might be thinking I’ve been drinking too many hemp smoothies but bare with me.

“Lockdown” has been forced upon us to keep us safe and speed the journey through this pandemic so that we can get back to “normal”

To some, lockdown is about restriction. And not being about to do what we want, when we want, and with whom we want.

But To Many It Has Sparked Change

Changing people’s thoughts on the life they are living. Changing their thoughts on the things that are actually important.

It’s also bringing about changes in society. Communities bonding. Helping each other.

People desperate to help the NHS in this most difficult of times.

People realising that money isn’t the most important thing and that our health should be a priority.

So yeah, cuz every great sentence starts with “so yeah”...

This is our bridge. This is our transition from what we know to what could be.

And you never know, the grass could be greener 

Have an amazing day,

Lv MK.