Todays gym free "lockdown" workout consisted of 12 minutes of Turkish Get Ups with a 24kg Kettlebell as a warm up.

The Turkish Get Ups is pretty much the only "direct" ab workout I do, as visible abs are determined by your body fat levels, not by the amount of ab exercises you do.

Once I'd done the 12 minute "warm up" it was on to a upper body push/pull superset workout.

4 sets of handstand press ups
4 sets feet elevated press ups
4 sets "regular" press ups
4 sets of diamond press ups

Between each push exercise I did a set of pull ups.

All exercises were to failure.

Tomorrow will mostly be leg day with shit loads of Kettlebell Squats, Kettlebell lunges and finished off with some sprints.

Care to join me for the sprint? What you can't cuz you're grounded 🙂

Stay safe people 🙂