Don't Get Caught In The Snack Trap

Snacking, high frequency eating and eating at a certain time are all either habitual, psychological or the “invention” of the diet industry.

Nobody snacked pre-World War 2, not that I was around but I’ve read a lot of nutrition books in my time, people just ate their three square meals per day.

snack track

There was no obesity like today. Despite the fact that they had a higher fat diet.

Dripping anyone?

Nearly everyone had a manual job, so they were a lot more active compared with today’s society, thus they had a healthier body composition.

Eating at a certain time is habitual.

From a young age we are told (by our parents) that you have breakfast, lunch, then dinner.

All at certain times.

But why do you think that is?

Surely the whole family can’t be hungry at the exact same time.

It’s because of meal planning.

Mum would usually cook the meals and everyone would sit down at the dinner table together.

To eat and to socialise.

Back then, eating was not only a thing that you needed to do to survive and thrive, but it was possibly the only time that the family sat together and talked about their day.

Something that is sadly missing in a lot of people’s lives.

Instead people are rushing in and out, grabbing food on the go or sat mindlessly munching whilst watching TV.

Which often results in overeating because you have no mindful connection to the meal you’re eating.

Instead you’re focussed on the drama on some make believe life that’s coming at you from the TV screen or worse, scrolling through social media and checking out the perfect life of your favourite Insta celeb and wondering why your life isn’t like that or you don’t have the same body and Mr & Mrs Insta Celeb.

It’s easy to get sucked into your favourite show. I’ve been guilty of it. But now I have a no TV or phone rule whilst eating.

And as for snacking, back in the 50’s it was decreed that fat was the devil and we were all going to die of a heart attack.

So “low fat” foods hit the market.

Thing is, fat is needed in the diet for lots of reasons from hormone production to immune system integrity.

It also very satiating.

A posh word that basically means “you feel fuller for longer” because fat takes longer to digest that protein or carbs.

So if you take fat out of the diet you’re going to get hungrier quicker.

And in steps the diet industry with their low fat low calorie snacks.

We think they’re our saviour.

The answer to our fat loss prayers.

But the reality is they don’t give a monkeys uncle about your weight, you’re health or sense of well-being.

They just want your money.

And they’ll keep spinning out new products as diet fashion changes.

As mentioned fat was the devil and in cane the low fat foods and snacks.

Then someone shouted louder and said fat is ok. It’s carbs. They’re the devil.

And guess what?

In cake the low carb or zero carb foods and drinks.

Now it’s proteins turn to be in the limelight.

Everything has extra protein added.

Even fuggin Mars Bars!!

Thing is, non of those macronutrients are the devil on their own.

It’s over eating nutrient deficient foods that leave us feeling hungry for more while we move our bodies less as life becomes oh so automated.

In closing, if you want to lose weigh don’t get sucked into the low this low that diet merry go round, just follow these two simple tips.

Eat real food.

Move your body more.

It really is that simple.

You got this.