If you’re trying to lose weight it’s ok to weigh yourself, just don't get hung up on what they say.

Remember that scales only weigh an object under gravity.

The human body is in a constant state of flux as it tries to maintain homeostasis which can result in your body weight changing by the hour.

Use the scale as a guide to confirm that you’re making progress,(half to 1lb of weight loss per week max), and remember that weight loss can stall from time to time despite you “doing everything right"

So focus on other signs of progress, such as increases in energy, better hair, nails and clearer skin and your clothes are becoming looser.

Basing all your results on one thing is going to leave can frustrated.

Remember long-term weight loss is the result of long-term lifestyle changes.

So, if you eat right and exercise consistently, get 7-8 hours quality sleep on a regular basis, drink plenty of water every day and take time out to reduce stress, you’ll find that your weight loss stays lost and doesn’t come back for an encore.

Remember - doing the little things consistently is the key.

You got this.