Baby Steps If You Must

That's 19 straight workouts in April and another 19 steps closer to achieving my goals. After all, summer is coming and it'll be here just as we're all let out of lockdown.

If you're like me, you're using this period of isolation to work on your fitness and generally try to improve your health.

Recently, I've had tots of people get in touch with me to say that they want to lose weight, improve their body shape as well as protect their health.

It's really cool that they reach out and ask for my advice.

I've spent time answering their questions and, sometimes given them free training programs, that if followed, will help transform their bodies and improve their fitness.

However, not everyone who has reached out for my advice has done anything with it, which kinda pisses me off, but in a way I also "get it"

You see, not everyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape or change their health is "ready" to do what is necessary to achieve their goals.

The ones that get in contact with me and the ones who achieve the best results are the ones who are truly ready to change their health for the better.

They come to me ready and willing to hear the raw truth about what it really takes to achieve outstanding and lasting health, fitness and weight loss results.

But for every success story I have, there are many more people too scared to get started on the road to better health.

And they're usually the ones with all the excuses.

They say "It's not the right time."

But when will it be the right time?

They say "I can't afford it."

But they waste money on superficial things that they don't need.

They say "I haven't got time."

But then spend all evening watching junk TV

They say "eating healthy is expensive."

When in fact every single person who has done my program has told me they save money on their weekly shop.

The truth is these are all just lies that they tell themselves to hide the number one reason why they don't step up and do something about their health and fitness.

The real reason isn't a lack of money, it isn't a lack of time and it isn't because they think I'm some kind of Sergeant Major who is going to go around to their house to shout and scream at them like the Drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket.

So what is it that's stopping people from transforming their health?

In my opinion.

It's fear!

Plain and simple.

It's fear of stepping out of their comfort zone.

It's fear of stepping into the unknown.

It's fear of not knowing what the hell you are doing or how you are going to get where you want to go.

But that's ok. Just like every aspect of life, we all get scared from time to time and when we get scared our body goes into three states.

Fight Flight Freeze

It's s primal thing. It's an evolutionary thing. It's a survival thing.

It's hard wired into our brain. We have no control over it.

So what does this have to do with losing weight?

Most people think they have to make big sweeping changes to their lives in order to lose weight and more importantly keep it of.

Some people can do that. They can take the bull by the horns and run with it.

But what if you're not ready for that?

You get stuck, you think you are going to fail and you feel overwhelmed.

And so you do nothing.

Thing is, it doesn't have to be so scary.

What if I said just change one thing.

Does that sound manageable?

Even if that one thing was just to replace those biscuits you had mid morning to a piece of fruit.

It might not sound like a lot but if you just do it until becomes habit then you can think about changing something else.

Maybe swapping that can if cola for a bottle of water. Keep doing that until it becomes habit.

Once you've got that sorted, maybe think about getting to bed just thirty minutes earlier. An extra thirty minutes of sleep each night will do you the world of good over time.

You see it doesn't have to be scary. You don't have to change everything at once.

Just change something.

Every great journey starts with a single step.

You've just got to keep taking those steps.

Baby steps if you have to.

Have an amazing day.